RBI Grade-B Interview Questions

RBI Grade-B Interview Questions one must know, understand and prepare before appearing for Interview for best results.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is India’s central banking institution, which controls the monetary policy of the Indian rupee. It commenced its operations on 1 April 1935 during the British Rule in accordance with the provisions of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934

Central Bank is an independent apex monetary authority which regulates banks and provides important financial services like storing of foreign exchange reserves, control of inflation, monetary policy report.

Preparation has to be two pronged: one for phase 1 and other one for phase 2. It is wise to approach the exam topic by topic rather than going book by book. Reading precise and staying up to the point is essential as the exam is objective. At the same time, it is also required to get the conceptual clarity (if not in depth, at least a basic clarity) as some questions did test the concept clarity. Moreover, English writing skills and interview requires a fair understanding of concepts. Books suggested and reference books given by RBI board are too big to cover.
Therefore here are the top 50 Interview questions for RBI Grade B Interview:

  1. When did RBI come in to existence?
  2. What are its main functions?
  3. Who is C.E.O. of RBI?
  4. How many Dy. Governors will be there?
  5. How does RBI exercise control over banks?
  6. What happens through these controls?
  7. What do you understand by monetary control?
  8. Please explain in detail about CRR?
  9. Please explain how inflation / deflation is controlled by RBI. What is the mechanism?
  10. What will be the effect if CRR is increased?
  11. What will be its effect on economy?
  12. What is the effect of reducing CRR?
  13. Will increase of CRR automatically control inflation?
  14. Should it be in the form of securities only?
  15. Deficit financing means that the government borrows money from
    (1) The local bodies (2) The Reserve Bank (3) The neighboring countries (4) All the above
  16. What is a General Ledger Balance? How can it be arrived at?
  17. How and when does the RBI decide to issue new notes (currency)?
  18. How to invest in mutual fund? What is beta& how it is calculated?
  19. What are basic enhancement and restoration techniques?
  20. How to calculate range of level transmitter?
  21. What is Sums on Finalization of Accounts?
  22. What is the biggest finance news of 2016?
  23. What is this negative interest rate policy? And why japan adopted it?
  24. Tell me a brief about RBI and its working?
  25. How does RBI earn profit?
  26. What is the role of RBI in Payment and Settlement system?
  27. Do you know about NPA?
  28. What is net NPA and how does it calculated?
  29. During demonetization, did the money supply in the economy in India increase or decrease?
  30. Why do you want to join at clerical post after doing Engineering?


  1. State the Abraham Maslow theory?
  2. What are RBI main functions?
  3. What is internal debt management?
  4. What is external debt management?
  5. What exactly is DES?
  6. What is documentation in SAP FI? And what is reporting in SAP FI?
  7. What is cenvat credit?
  8. What is repo rate?
  9. The Parliament of India consists of
    (A) The Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha (B) The President, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha (C) The Lok Sabha, Prime Minister and Speaker (D) none of these
  10. The basic regulatory authority for mutual funds and stock markets lies with the:
    (a) Government of India (b) Reserve Bank of India (c) SEBI (d) Stock Exchanges
  11. What is your greatest weakness that will prove obstacle in this job?
  12. What are your biggest strengths?
  13. What practices have you done to improve your bank knowledge in the last year?
  14. How will you handle stressful situation while dealing with public?
  15. Why do you want to join Banking Sector?
  16. Trade Ministers of Key WTO member countries including India held a meeting at Davos in Switzerland on January 29, 2011. What was the purpose of this meeting?
  17. As per recent newspaper reports, which country has signed highest number of deals to get global project finance?
  18. What terms are used in Banking Field?
  19. In the opinion of the Governor of Reserve Bank of India, what is the reason owing to which India’s inflation is accelerating?
  20. In opinion of the RBI, what are the threats to the smooth functioning of Indian Companies?

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