Campus Placement Preparation

Campus Placement Preparation with Industry Professionals boosts confidence in students and make them ready for Placement Interviews with an assurance of best results in terms of Job offer with best MNC  and a lucrative pay package.

As Placement season approaches, the students at college campus feel excited and nervous at the same time. But to succeed in Placement Interviews one needs to have calm nerves with prepared mind to answer tough questions thrown by Interview panel.  Since most of the students will be facing first time interviews in their life, it is crucial for them to prepare and practice some mock interviews in advance because stakes are high and one silly mistake can ruin your chances of getting selected for your dream job with dream company.

So what you should do to Crack the Campus Placement  Interviews.

PREPARE Campus Placement Mock Interviews with Industry Professionals

Only Working Professionals from Industry know how to Crack Placement Interviews because they have done it many times either at Engineering Colleges or B-Schools..

Prepare, Practice & Perfect your Interview skills Online with Industry Professionals for better Interview Performance and best Results

It is a known fact that Interviewers decide whether you’re suitable for the job or not within the first 2 minutes they lay their eyes on you. Hence the most important aspect of a job interview is not the first question, but your first answer. So It is very important for you to be prepared for their unknown uncertain questions. And how you can do this ? And the answer is MOCK INTERVIEW. Mock interviews are always considered to be important as it does the job of mainly preparing a candidate for what’s in store.

PInterview has come up with unique Online Campus Placement Preparation Interview Skills Training program in which you will get chance to Prepare for coming Placement Interviews Online with Best Industry Professionals to learn Interview cracking skills.

Course Description

Take online mock interviews, Prepare & practice your answers and get expert guidance to refine your interview skills before the actual interview. Key features of the course:

  • Take mock interviews ONLINE with Industry Professionals no matter where you are – all you need is a computer with a broadband internet connection.
  • Each interview is customized to test your soft skills and subject knowledge
  • The entire course is conducted 1:1 with the Online Interviewer and every mock interview session will be conducted 1 to 1 online
  • After each Mock Interview you will get feedback/Tips/Suggestions to crack Interviews
  • Online access to  Your Mock Interview Performance report
  • All types of most important common questions are covered
  • 1 Hour of each session to prepare and improve Interview skills with Banking Experts
  • Overall Interview Preparation covering all types of Interviews and probable questions

COURSE STRUCTURE: Campus Placement Preparation

1 to 1 Online Mock Technical (Coding, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and other subjects)  Interview with Domain Professionals from Industry

1 to 1 Online Mock HR Interview with HR Experts (for Preparation of personal/ resume based interview questions)

1 to 1 Online Mock General Interview with Interview Experts (for preparation of current affairs/  industry based questions)

One hour of each online mock session to Prepare Interviews with Professionals

Mock Interview:  Technical

  • Overview of interview techniques and best practices
  • Mock interview : Technical Interview ( Based on Subject Knowledge of undergraduate/postgraduate courses, core Concepts, Theories)
  • Analysis of your performance
  • Online Performance Report
  • Interview cracking Tricks/Tips/Suggestions

Mock Interview: HR/Resume /Profile based Interview

  • Overview of interview techniques and best practices
  • Mock interview : Personal/CV/Profile Interview
  • Analysis of your performance
  • Online Performance Report
  • Interview cracking Tricks/Tips/Suggestion

Mock Interview: General Interview (Current Affairs/Industry based Interview)

  • Overview of interview techniques and best practices
  • Mock interview : Current Affairs.  Industry based Interview
  • Analysis of your performance
  • Online Performance Report
  • Interview cracking Tricks/Tips/Suggestions



 Interview Readiness before actual SBI PO Interview

 Improved Interview skills with boosted Confidence

 Enhanced knowledge of Use of Theoretical/ Industrial Concepts for Banking Job and latest Interview questions from best Banking Professionals from across the banks like SBI, ICICI, YES Bank and others

 Well practiced and rehearsed with best possible Interview questions and answers

 Ready for long stressed Interview with Domain Experts with prepared mind & body language

 Good Impression upon Interviewers and better Interview performance leading to best  results


Prepare for Interview with Domain and Interview Experts Online: You are a student staying at  hostel or a working professional with no time on week days for interview preparation; you can still prepare and practice for Interviews with our Experts online any time any day via video calling.

Feedback/Interview Tips: Get Expert feedback on your mock interview performance and improve before D-Day to crack the real interviews with Confidence. Also Experts will share Interview cracking Tips and strategies with candidates.

Audio/Video Recording: Get audio/video recording of the mock interview session and watch how you answer the interview questions, how you react, perform and what is about your body language and work on these areas for better performance during interviews.

Performance chart: Improve your performance with performance chart created for you by your interviewer’s ratings on different parameters after each mock interview session.

So Are you Ready to Crack your Campus Placement Interview

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Amount: INR 3099/ (For Gold Pack:  5 Mock sessions)
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PInterview offers its users 1 to 1 Online Mock Interview with Industry Professionals and Domain Experts to improve and Excel one’s Interview skills and Ace the Interviews