SBI PO Interview Questions

SBI PO Interview Questions

The final phase of selection process of SBI Probationary Officer Exam is wound up in a Group Discussion & Interview round. The round carries a weightage of 50 marks divided equally between GD and PI. The minimum marks a candidate needs to obtain in this round are 20.

To provide a brief outline of themselves to their employer every candidate must prepare a bio data of themselves. The document needs to include all import

ant things like your qualifications, your place of birth, places where you have studied, your hobbies, extra activities, your family etc.

While discussing a question about personal information based on your CV, a candidate must come out a confident. The candidate must also be open to discuss any questions branching out of the CV like hobbies and interest.

Here are the top 50 mostly asked questions in SBI PO Interview:

  1. Why do you want to Join SBI Bank?
  1. What is you exceptions from SBI Bank?
  1. You wants to join Banking then why you have done engineering?
  1. Tell me about your work experience or earlier projects?
  1. Who is the chairman of SBI?
  1. If you get a better job in Public Sector, will you leave SBI Bank?
  1. If you get a posting far away from your hometown will you work?
  1. If you are posted in some place, what role would you play as a banker?
  1. What is/are the punchline(s) of SBI?
  1. What is interest rate on saving account in nationalized banks?
  1. Which bank is giving more than 4% interest rate?
  1. What is NPA?
  1. What is Banking Ombudsman Scheme?
  1. What is current CRR and reverse repo rate,repo,slr?
  1. What is NEFT or RTGS?
  1. When RTGS started?
  1. What is a stale cheque?
  1. What is current account deficit? How does it increase?
  1. What is disinvestment? Why is it done?
  1. What is Ridden Lending?
  1. What is retail lending?
  1. What is Inflation?
  1. What is meant by Priority Sector?
  1. What is SEZ?
  1. What is Right to Education?
  1. What are Mutual Funds and do you think banks are gaining profit?
  1. Who is the regulator of SEBI and who is the head?
  1. Who controls all the banks in India?
  1. What is DEAF?
  1. Explain Depositor Education and Awareness Fund in detail?
  1. Who is the last appointed Deputy Governor?
  1. Who is the head of BMB, SBI, Axis, and ICICI?
  1. Define capital market, money market?
  1. What is clean note policy?
  1. Explain Old note exchange policy?
  1. Why should we select you? What qualities do you have that don’t others have?
  1. If you are posted in a branch with almost no progress, what all will you do to bring it back to life?
  1. If all the engineers will come to join banking sector then what will happen to commerce students?
  1. What are the different ways you can operate your accounts?
  1. What is (APR) Annual Percentage Rate?
  1. What is ‘prime rate’?
  1. What is ‘Fixed’ APR and ‘Variable’ APR?
  1. What is the difference b/w FDI (Foreign direct investment) and FII?
  1. What is the GST Bill All About?
  1. What are NPA (Non-Performing Assets), how can you use your knowledge in reducing them
  1. What is the current repo rate?
  1. Tell me something about the concept of finance accounting?
  1. What is investment banking?
  1. What is current account deficit? How does it increase?
  1. What is CTS?

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