Career Objective


The term “Career Objective” is a very important factor as it explains a Professional’s well though plan for his professional life and Interviewers love to know and understand this answer before taking a final call.

  As an interviewee you are taking up interview to make a career. After graduation everyone search for a job, this is where a career starts. What kind of Job interests a student? What is the job he wants to do for the rest of the life? These are the questions which decide a student career. A career changes the student into a professional, a question regarding a career plan or goal decides how well a student is matured and focused enough to take up a job. As a fresher your career goal is very simple and crisp. You need to know how to frame it in the right sense.

Yet some other questions which relates to the future falls into this category. To answer these questions one should be more focused and clear on the short term and long term objective.

When employer ask  you about your career objective (Long term or short term goal), then  they are just trying to make sure that your goals must be similar to  what  company is looking for. Your answer to this question will show your stability and it makes them to decide whether you are a good fit for the company or not. Because as for most of the company employee is acting like an asset and they look for those employee who will be stable. So whatever you say about your goal and if it is matching or similar to the employer looking up, it will indicate that you could succeed at this company.

So instead of telling your personal goal which sometime leads you to rejection you must have to set your goal or aim according to the company profile and the job nature, once you do you will succeed in interview process and you can grab the opportunity.

After knowing the Job nature and the company profile try to connect your career objective answer to the job you’re applying for. Talk about your learning skills and to bring up those skills and traits that you have which would help you accomplish the job. You can also divide your goal in to two part- long terms and short term goal. You can tell your long term goal as personal goal or whatever you want. But Short term goal you have to tell in such way that which match and line up with the company.

The answer can be like, as a fresher you will not have an entry to climb in the career ladder. So, the short term career objective is getting into a Job in a prospective company.  Convey to the HR the objective in a positive way.

Don’t say your long term aim to start a company. This will not give a good impression in all the interview. Mostly try to avoid it, because you  apply for a company to work not to learn and start a company of your own.

Be positive in all the answers, don’t give  answer in such a way it will lead to more questions.

What the interviewer is looking for is an answer that demonstrates, you will fit into the role you’ve applied for, will carry out the role for a reasonable period of time, i.e. long enough so they don’t need to find a replacement for you in a few weeks or month etc. It is asked often enough that it’s good to have the answer ready before each interview, I would guess I am asked this, or some variation of it.

Use this question as another chance to sell some of your qualities, such as determination, hard-work ethic etc. and also show off that you know a bit about the company and the role.

You need to contemplate and figure out what exactly you are looking for. If ‘getting a job’ is your short term goal then what kind of job interests you? What do you plan to achieve once you secure the job?

It is difficult to flesh out an answer but if you prioritize things, you would be able to come up with an appropriate statement for your career objective.

All the Best!

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