Karnataka Bank Clerk Interview

The probability of questions in Karnataka Bank Clerk Interview can be measured by the frequency of it being asked. Some questions  are frequently asked or some most appropriately asked during interviews. It is good to be prepared in advance by practicing these questions.

Personal Questions frequently asked: 

Self introduction questions as name, educational background, interests and previous work profiles.

Introspective and perspective questions

-What is the essence of banking in everyday life?

-How according to you is bank a commercial organization?

How does SLR and CRR safeguard customer’s interest?

-What is solvency and liquidity in banking?

 -Role of RBI as the central bank of India/  Role in India’s              financial and industrial identity in the world

History & trivia of RBI: The RBI play a major role in the country, collect ample details and study the organization properly.

-General knowledge with regard RBI- persons in the central   board/trivia knowledge

Important banking and economic terms: In banking interview the interviewers will ask a question or two related to banking terms. Always be prepared with not just names but meaning, impacts, uses etc.

-Statutory Liquidity Ratio(SLR)

-Cash Reserve Ratio(CRR)

-Repo Rate(RR), Reserve Repo Rate(RRR)

-Bank Rate

-Open Market Operation

-Inflation and Depletion

Functions of Banks: The interview will stress on how the bank functions and operate. Be practical in your answers here.

         -Primary and Secondary functions

          -Saving, Fixed deposits and Current Account

           -Granting Loans and Advances

           -Cash Credit, Bank overdrafts

           -Loans, discounting bills

           -Agency functions and Utility functions.

Cheques and types of Cheques and other mode of transaction: These terms should be well versed both the point of a banker and a customer.

Bank Audit:

      -Process of Audit in India

      -Categories of Auditing

Foreign Exchange/ Forex

       -Forex Trading

       -Foreign Reserves

Financial Sector Regulators of India

This is an important inclusion as it is related to Banking and Bank and important for Bank Clerk Interview. It is always good to collect general knowledge and some important Financial sectors often asked during interviews are:

  -What are the aims and functions of RBI?

  -What is the role of Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority(IRDA) in regulating, promoting and ensuring orderly growth of the Insurance industry?

-Who appoints the chairman of the IRDA?

-How does the Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI) protect the interest of investors in stock exchange?

-What banks come under National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development(NABARD)?

 -What are the three categories of Public Sector Undertakings in India?



  -What is this?

  -History and significance?

  -What is its importance in today’s Banking sector?

  -Comparison and Difference of the two-BASELII and BASELIII

Types of risks faced by a Bank:

  -Market Risk

  -Interest Rate Risks

   -Foreign rate Risks

  -Operational Risks

  -Liquidity Risks

Various types of Bank Accounts:

  -Saving account

  -Current account

  -Recurring Deposit account

  -Fixed Deposit Account

  -FNCR Deposit Account

  -NRO Account

  -NRE Account


Financial Ratio Analysis

  -Profitabilty Ratios

  -Leverage Ratios

  -Turnover Ratios

-Luquidity Ratios.

How to Crack Karnataka Bank clerk 2017 Interview


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