Around 200,000 candidates appear for CAT MBA every year with a dream of getting into one of IIMs and making a great career, earning high salaries with Top MNCs in overseas locations.

But if getting into IIMs is tough, fulfilling all other dreams (life after IIMs) is tougher. Now we have more IIMs to chose, more intake at IIMs with fierce competition during job placements coupled with fluctuating industry demand & economy make these dreams a real fantasy.

But that does not mean Life after IIMs is bad. People get multiple placement offers at IIMs (although not everyone get job offer from their dream company), good salary package to start career and in long run it proves to be better to have certification from IIMs.

Let us see how people do after graduating from IIMs as per their dreams.

Type I: People who have got placed in their dream firm. Almost everyone is doing well in their career. Some of them are even holding top positions in their respective companies, getting a fat pay check, have settled in their life. They are living a perfect life which every Indian dreams of irrespective of whether he has done graduation from IIM or anywhere else.

Type II: People who have got placed in their dream firm. However, later in their life, they realized that it was not their dream, but someone else’s dream which they were chasing. Many of them have left their well-paid job and tried to do what they wanted to do. Like having their start-up, writing novels, social enterprise, joining civil services, etc. and have succeeded in their ventures. Some have even failed in their attempts, still pursuing their dreams and are waiting for the success. But at the end of the day, every one of them is happy because they have dared to do what they believed in, which very few people can do. It is where graduating from IIM has made a difference in their life.

Type III: People who have not got placed in their dream firm during their campus placement , spend couple of years at their first company and switch to their dream company whenever they get a chance to do. In the long run it is the job satisfaction which matters most rather than any particular company for them.

So basically, getting into one of the top IIM’s is just the best phase of your life. You will learn a lot, meet some wonderful people, will discover an entirely different world. The rigorous system of here will prepare you to face any difficult situation in your life, but at the end of the day it’s one own choice that how he/she want to make a use of it in their life.

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