Online Interview Skills Course

Are you preparing for Coming Placement Interviews ? Are you feeling excited and nervous at the same time ? It happens with most of students when they have to face the interviews first time in their life. Every one gets goose bumps just hearing the word INTERVIEW.

It is a known fact that employers decide whether you’re suitable for the job or not within the first 2 minutes they lay their eyes on you. Hence the most important aspect of a job interview is not the first question, but your first answer. So It is very important for you to be prepared for their unknown uncertain questions. And how you can do this ? And the answer is MOCK INTERVIEW. Mock interviews are always considered to be important as it does the job of mainly preparing a candidate for what’s in store.

You have already invested 10+2+4 years of hard work and Lakhs of money in your education and getting a degree from Premier Institute and now only 20-30 minutes of Placement Interview will decide the ultimate result of your continuous hard work and dedication. Because at the end of the day only Success matters and you know it very well. So why take a risk for 1 million of Job offers for just some bucks. Give your self best chance to ace your Placement Interview and grab your dream job.

PInterview has come up with unique Online Interview Skills Course in which you will get chance to Prepare for coming Placement Job Interviews Online with Best Professionals to learn Interview cracking skills.

Online Interview Skills Course

Online Interview Skills Course Description

Take online mock interviews, practice your answers and get expert guidance to refine your interview skills before the actual interview. Key features of the course:

  • Take mock interviews ONLINE with qualified Professionals no matter where you are – all you need is a computer with a broadband internet connection.

  • Each interview is customized to test your soft skills and subject knowledge

  • The entire course is conducted 1:1 with the Online Interviewer and every mock interview session will be conducted 1 to 1 online

  • After each Mock Interview you will get feedback/Tips/Suggestions to crack Interviews

  • Online access to  Your Mock Interview Performance report

  • All types of most important common questions are covered

  • 1 Hour of 5 sessions to prepare and improve Interview skills with Industry Professionals

  • Overall Interview Preparation covering all types of Interviews and probable questions


5 sessions x 1 hour each (40 minutes of Interview & 20 minutes of Feedback/Suggestion )


Senior Industry Professional (Premier Institute Alumni and Working Professionals )


Within 2 working days of enrollment

Course Objectives

  • Ace your Job/Placement interview

  • Improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills in preparation for interviews

  • Practice and refine answers to commonly asked questions

  • Learn to tackle the various directions an interview can take depending on your background and profile

Online Interview Skills Course Outline

  • Session 1

    • Overview of interview techniques and best practices

    • Mock interview : HR Interview

    • Analysis of your performance

    • Online Performance Report

    • Interview cracking Tricks/Tips/Suggestions

  • Session 2

    • Mock interview: Technical Interview ( Based on your Academic Background)

    • Analysis of your performance

    • Online Performance Report

    • Interview cracking Tricks/Tips/Suggestions

  • Session 3

    • Mock interview: Case Based Interview

    • Focus on: Puzzles, Case Studies, Reasoning and Analytical Approach

    • Analysis of your performance

    • Online Performance Report

    • Interview cracking Tricks/Tips/Suggestions

  • Session 4

    • Mock interview: Resume Based Interview

    • Focus on: Your overall profile

    • Analysis of your performance

    • Online Performance Report

    • Interview cracking Tricks/Tips/Suggestions

  • Session 5

    • Mock interview: General Interview

    • Analysis of your performance/ Online Performance Report

    • Interview cracking Tricks/Tips/Suggestions

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PInterview is changing how people prepare and practice for interviews  for their career progression. PInterview with its unique online platform  provides Online Mock Interviews for practicing and enhancing Interview  skills to Students and Professionals through live online  video/telephonic sessions to prepare for the Real Interviews

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