Filmmaking Career OptionsFilmmaking Career Options one of the finest and most paying jobs any where in the world. In India, education is taken pretty seriously. At least amongst the ones living in the urban areas, and the ones who can afford it. However, the most common scenario that is witnessed here is how a student is forced to pick up the science stream so as to enable him to pick up engineering or medical in his future prospects. And why is engineering or medicine given such a huge priority? Well, its simple. These two professions guarantee a well paid salary and a huge income for the rest of their life. But did you ever notice what happened during the time of recession? Engineers were the ones who were given the maximum pink slips.
Well, this is not meant to demotivate any aspiring engineer, but it instead is focusing on a bigger point. Today’s world has moved beyond engineering and medicine, and various other fields have emerged to a great extent. The notion of other genres not providing sufficient income has been removed at least amongst the youth of today, reason why various photographers, journalists and film makers have made their mark in India. They aren’t an exception, but they just followed their passion. And this is exactly what we need in today’s day and age. Gone are the days when you had to be the master of one field. It’s time to be the jack of all trades now, so when tragedy hits, you always have your skilled hobby to go back to.
Film making is one such genre where an individual can claim he is a jack of many trades. It not only deals with direction, but also deal with various aspects of film like camera handling, script-writing, acting, production, cinematography, sound recording, editing and many more. The potential for growth in this industry is immense and all you need is a creative edge to make a mark.
It’s not just the big screen that you can get into post a Film making course. The small screen has huge number of prospects too. With over 400 television channels, a professional in the media and entertainment industry can be rest assured of not being left high an dry without work.
There are various institutions which offer Film making courses around India. You can either opt for a bachelor’s course or a masters degree. While both, B.Sc and M.Sc courses are available in various leading institutions around India, there are several diploma courses one can choose from as well. Neither of these courses demand a specific field of study either.
However, one of most important aspects to be kept in mind while selecting an institute is to check if they are associated with production houses. The more number of production houses, the better the chances of your placement. Since it is a competitive field, placements are a bigger criteria to be kept in mind. Apart from this, institutes must also provide the students a chance to work on projects that are being executed in the industry, giving them sufficient practical knowledge.
One drawback of a Film making course however is that it is slightly expensive. This is mainly because high end camera equipment’s, lighting systems, editing computers and other latest technology is made use of, making it an expensive field of study. However, if your creative side and passion is well polished, rest assured to have this money retrieved in no time once you’ve made your mark in the industry. It is important to have your USP in this creative field and do make sure to polish it in order to stand out from the crowd.

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