Engineering Career Options Why you chose

Engineering Career Options

Engineering Career Options why most of the students chose this field. Engineering and technology may not be a piece of cake for all during the course of study, but it surely is a walk on the beach at the time of employment, as engineers are always in demand and they often stand out from the crowd. The best part about engineering is that it not only leads to exciting career prospects and top salaries, but one also continue to learn and refresh their knowledge throughout their career as it’s an ever evolving field.

Engineering has variety of career opportunities, be it electrical and computer or environment and bio- medics, engineering courses offer a variety of fields one can choose from. The course study is designed in such a manner that it exercises your brain and develops your ability for logical problem solving, and these skill sets continue to be valuable throughout your life. This field of study has no single answer to a problem… not an answer that a professor can tell you, not an answer at the back of your book. It deals with devising a solution on your own. Thus, engineering is not a boring 9-5 desk job, but requires you to be a creative problem solving professional. If you like to question, explore, discover or create, engineering is the ideal profession for you.
As far as getting an admission for engineering in India is concerned, you require to have a minimum of 12th std education in the science background with chemistry, physics and mathematics as its core subjects. Next comes the process of entrance exams. There are several entrance exams available at both national and state levels. (AIEEE, IIT-JEE, COMAT etc). The cut off percentage or score, both 12th and entrance exam vary among universities, colleges and state. However, the bare minimum is at least a score of 40-50% in 12th boards. The other way to get admission into engineering is through lateral entry which directly gets you into the 2nd year of engineering. This requires you to complete either B.Sc or diploma in engineering after 10th std for three years. Most of the colleges accept admission via lateral entry except for IIT’s. In the lateral admission however, a minimum of 50-60% is mandatory.

Engineering contain a large number of job opportunities and specialties. Although fields like software and IT are the most sought out specializations, there are various other fields one can choose from which have immense job opportunities as well, like aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering and so on. All that is required is for you to figure out which one of these fields interests you the most and then pick it up to flourish in the same. We live in an age driven by engineers and so each field has immense opportunities lined up for you.

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