Dressing for an Interview


Dressing for an Interview is a headache itself as the candidate always finds themselves confused. It takes about 2 seconds to set the first impression, and believe me, it’s not your first hello that gets you going, but it’s your attire with your body language that really does the trick. So every time you dress up for an interview, do make sure you check these 10 “To Do’s” and you’re all good to go…

  • Strictly, NO BLING!
You are here to impress and not to distract. Imagine the constant cluttering of bangles or bracelets or a huge diamond stone on the finger of your interviewer. Would you be able to make eye contact or answer effectively? No? Exactly! Imagine the plight of an interviewer when all he sees is your bracelet or watch or any other loud accessory doing the talking alongside you. Although this is mainly meant for women, men can keep this small tip in mind too.
  • No jeans, casual sandals or flip flops
Unless you’re giving a video interview wherein only your top half is visible, please avoid these three. They give the most casual impression and you come out selling yourself out, and not in a good way.
  • Limit the use of colognes or scented items
It’s an interview people, not a party. Yes, you’re going to have to wait a while for your turn, but no, you’re not going dancing to sweat gallons. So unless you want your interviewer to suffocate and end the interview at the earliest cause he can’t breath, avoid the over usage of scent.
  • Cover your body art
Have a tattoo? Like flaunting it? No harm. But not for an interview. Employers do not prefer large visible tattoos or body piercings, especially facial piercings. So unless you’ve tattooed your face, do make sure you cover them and remove the many facial piercings for at least a day to establish an effective and not distractive eye contact.
  • Always research your industry
How you dress up for an interview depends on the industry you’re wishing to join. It’s simple really. Imagine wearing branded attire and up-to-date skinny jeans or skirt for a job as a field reporter and wearing an old fashioned kurti for a job in a fashion industry. Does it match? No! So always understand the field well before you step in.
  • Groom your body
Your attire covers part of you. But what about the rest of it that’s visible? Having a nest on your head may be trendy for a party, but do you really want your interviewer being more amazed by your hair than your personality? And boys, please keep those nails clean, and ladies, keep that nail paint sober and subtle.
  • Use that iron
Never ever wear crumpled clothes for an interview. Giving out an impression of you being untidy or lazy is no way a guarantee to a job. So unless you’re attending the interview to plainly overcome your fear, which is highly unlikely, iron your attire.
  • Final advice
Not a big fashion freak? Not to worry. Take a look at the news anchors to understand the latest formal attire in trend. Since presentation matter extensively on TV, anchors take the extra effort to look appropriate and can give you the upper hand in setting yourself aside. Good luck!

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