About Us

Any One can be Cool, but Awesome takes Practice

PInterview is an innovative online venture on a mission to democratize the access to great careers. We combine the world’s largest network of Premier Institutes Alumni and Industry Professionals with a career services platform that allows students and job-seekers to access personal career coaching and webinars from advisors with relevant professional backgrounds.

We’re turning privileged knowledge about Academic Institutes, employers, industries and career paths into common knowledge. In the process, we’re helping students and job-seekers land their dream scholarships, admissions and jobs and helping academic institutions and employers induct the most qualified and motivated candidates. Our technology is also allowing universities to seamlessly connect students and alumni advisors.

PInterview is changing how people prepare and practice for interviews for their career progression. PInterview with its unique online platform provides Online Mock Interviews for practicing and enhancing Interview skills to Students and Professionals through live online video/telephonic sessions to prepare for the Real Interviews

PInterview believes in the value of an authentic interview experience, and that's why all our interviewers are real interviewers from Premier Academic institutions and MNCs from India and abroad. . Our interviewer has been trained with the top professional firms on what to look for - and they're ready to share with you what they know.

Our most popular offering is Online Mock Interviews for admission seeking students and job seekers.. We focus on creating the best online mock interview experience with help of interview experts form industry professionals. We complement your interview preparation- Prepare Practice Perfect before your real interview and succeed.

PInterview, the premier provider of Online Mock Interview, continues to offer students and professionals a comprehensive global solution which helps students and job-seekers prepare for job interviews by creating a no-pressure environment to practice and review their skills.


We are on a mission to reshape the process of how students and job seekers prepare for interviews and help leaders of tomorrow achieve their true potential with best quality career consulting services from industry experts across the globe.


Global best - in - class, dynamic and nimble organisation that is the preferred choice for training and practicing for students and professionals

Why Practice Interview

Preparing for an interview can be nerve-racking because the questions, setting, length, and even the people with whom you meet are unknown.

As with every skill you've ever learned, you have to learn the technique and then practice, practice, practice. An online mock interview will not only help you perfect your technique, but it will also allow you to get valuable feedback and coaching on your performance.

Working with a professional and getting feedback on your performance in an online mock interview is similar to working with a sports coach to learn how to improve your game. Both will enable you to learn where your strengths lie and where you may need work to improve your performance. Time spent practicing will assist you greatly in either situation. An added bonus to preparing and practicing is the self-confidence you will gain. In today's competitive world, you must be prepared and in top shape.

Rehearsing your answers to possible questions is one of the most effective techniques that you can use to ace your interview.